Our Commitment

Beyond providing delicious oysters to the world, Parish Point is committed to preserving, conserving, promoting the health of the Lynnhaven River. One way we accomplish this is by supporting and collaborating with organizations like Lynnhaven River Now. Lynnhaven River Now is on a mission to restore oyster reefs in the Lynnhaven River. Over the past fifteen years, they have restored about 56 acres of sub-tidal reefs. Their goal is over 150 acres. We will help them reach that goal.

How You Can Help

First and foremost – learn about oysters and their depleting habitats! Start at Lynnhaven River Now. They educate the community about the things that can be done at home to help. And if you'd like to volunteer, they would gladly take all the help they can get. "LRNow" and organizations have made a huge difference in preserving nature and will continue their great work with your help.

Visit here to take action:

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